Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Past Tense - I had subscribed to the most available model of success (the one included in the package of my cultural training) as a view, or a path. This past-tense model contains within it the idea of "moving forward," which is one way to move. Like all things, this model ends when it is no longer of benefit.

New - While observing Nature, I glimpsed the presence of another model of success. This new model, contains within it the idea of "moving in and out." It includes within itself the complete destruction of every complete creation. The "product" is intangible and much greater than the sum of its expanding and contracting parts. From the micro view of this, the parts are real and perfect. From the macro view, there are no definable parts.

Moving into this new model, I embodied the following little ideas:

-I am a complete success <--- helpful only if I even need such ideas to exist peacefully in the first place.
-Whatever creation manifests and moves outward from this moving-journey-space is already perfect and, more importantly, it is already gone. *poof*
-There's no "next step," but there is vision and "right step."
-Judgement, Measurement and Comparison are fun games to play with other humans, but they do not represent solid forms and are essentially void.


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